Upcoming Events
For gardeners in Southeast Wisconsin

September 22 - November 4 - "Where the Coleuses Grow" Plant Show at the Milwaukee Domes - More than 300 coleus varieties, all with different colors, patterns, and shapes are on display! Visit milwaukeedomes.org/show-dome-exhibits for more info.

Tuesday, November 13 (6:30 pm) - Monthly meeting - "Putting the Garden to Bed" by Rae Punzel, Kenosha News Horticulture writer and owner of Bennu Organics

November 17 - January 6 - "Scrooooge!" Holiday Floral Show at the Milwaukee Domes - Enjoy the festive atmosphere among the vivid poinsettias and bedecked holiday trees! Visit  milwaukeedomes.org/show-dome-exhibits for more info.